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Nutresa Chocolate Cremino Bicolor 24ct

Hazelnut Flavored Milk And Cocoa Praline 24ct - Net Wt 15.2oz. (432grs)

Vero Pica Goma Fresa 100ct

Sweet & Spicy Gummy Strawberry Flavored 100ct - Net Wt 600g

Gamesa Emperador Pirueta 96g

Emperador Cookies With Lemon Flavor Filling 10ct - Net Wt 3.39oz. (96grs)

Alvbro Lollipop Roasted Leg 40ct

Acidulated Hard Candy Lollipop, Chicken Leg Shaped, Peach & Pineapple Flavor 40ct - Net Wt 19.75oz

Manzela Manze Churrito Enchilado 130g/10ct

Hot Chili Pepper Corn Sticks 10ct 4.59oz. (130grs) ea. - Net Wt 2lb 13.85oz (1.3kg)

Chilerito Chamoy/Mango 1lt

Chamoy & Mango Flavor Sauce - Net Wt 33.8 fl oz. (1lt)

Safari Changuitrozos 400grs

Fruit Pulp Pieces With Salt & Chili - Net Wt 14.1oz (400grs)

Indy Hormigas 12ct

Watermelon Flavor Candies Covered With Bittersweet & Spicy Powder 12ct of 0.46oz ea - Net Wt 5.5oz
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