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Anahuac Chipileta Mix 30ct

Lollipop Orange, Watermelon & Chamoy Flavor & Hot Candy Powder 30ct - Net Wt 11.6oz

Bokados Chamoy 1lt

Spicy & Sour Chamoy Sauce - Net Wt 33.8oz (1lt)

Bubbaloo Paleta Xtreme Pica Fuego 20ct

Hard Candy Lollipop Filled With Chamoy Bubblegum 20ct - Net Wt 14.46oz. (410grs)

Chamoy Mega Original 1lt

Spicy & Sour Chamoy Sauce - Net Wt 33.8oz (1lt)

Chilerito Blueberry Candy Powder 960g

Sweet & Sour Candy Powder Blueberry Flavor - Net Wt 34.2oz (960g)

Chilerito Chamoy/Mango 1lt

Chamoy & Mango Flavor Sauce - Net Wt 33.8 fl oz. (1lt)

De La Rosa Chicloso Acidulado 100ct

Sweet & Sour Chewy Candy With Chili, Orange, Grape, Lime, Pineapple, Cherry & Strawberry Flavors 100ct - Net Wt 17.6oz. (500grs)

De La Rosa Especial Mix 200ct

14 Variety Of Caramels, Mango, Chamoy, Grape, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Mint & Caramel Flavors 200ct - Net Wt 2lb 3.2oz. (1kg)

Deli Deli Chamoy 1lt

Spicy & Sour Chamoy Sauce For Fountain Machine - Net Wt 33.8oz (1lt)

El Torito Regio Chamoy 1lt

Spicy & Sour Chamoy Sauce - Net Wt 33.8oz (1lt)

Lucas Gusano Chamoy 10pz

Chamoy Flavored Hot Liquid Candy 10ct - Net Wt 12.6oz. (360grs)

Lucas Muecas Chamoy 10ct

Chamoy Flavor Lollipop With Chili Powder, 10ct of 0.88oz ea - Net Wt 8.8oz

Vero Rellerindo Chamoy 65ct

Acidulated Hard Candy, Chamoy Flavor With Spicy Center 65ct - Net Wt 715g

Zumba Pica Forritos Chamoy 5ct

Caramel Coating For Apples, Artificial Chamoy Flavored, Cover Up To 10 Apples - Net Wt 12.9oz (365grs)