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Manzela Manze Limon 160g 1ct

Japanese Style Peanuts Lime Flavor - Net Wt 5.64oz. (160grs)

La Coculense Borrachines Tequila 24ct

Artificially Flavor Milk Candy. Tequila Flavor 24ct - Net Wt 10.93oz

De La Rosa Paleta Mini Jumbo Cereza 50ct

Mini Jumbo Lollipops Assorted Flavors With Bubblegum Filling 50ct - Net Wt 17.6oz. (500grs)

Anahuac Chipileta Orange 30ct

Lollipop Orange Flavor & Hot Candy Powder 30ct - Net Wt 11.6oz

Bokados Chamoy 1lt

Spicy & Sour Chamoy Sauce - Net Wt 33.8oz (1lt)

Lucas Baby Polvo Mango 10ct

Sweet & Sour Mango Flavored Powder 10ct - Net Wt 7.1oz. (200grs)

Vero Pica Gomas Sandia 100ct

Sweet & Spicy Gummy Watermelon Flavored 100ct - Net Wt 600g

De La Rosa Pulparindo Mango 20ct

Hot & Salted Tamarind & Mango Pulp Candy - 20ct of 0.5oz ea. - Net Wt 10oz
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