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Ricolino Duvalin Vainilla/Avellana 18ct

Hazelnut & Vanilla Artificially Flavored Candy - Net Wt 9.52oz

De La Rosa Gummy Pop 25ct

Lollipop Shaped Gummy 25ct aprox. - Net Wt 12.35oz. (350g)

Bubbaloo Cherry Bubblegum 50ct

Bubblegum Filled With Liquid Mint Flavor 50ct - Net Wt 275g

Betamex Banderilla Enchilada 50ct

Natural Tamarind Fruit Candy With Salt And Chili 50ct - Net Wt 4.4lb (2kg)

De La Rosa Mi Pinata 8.7lb

More Than 40 Different Flavors, Tamarind Candy, Gum, Hard & Soft Candy & Lollipops - Net Wt 8.7lb (3.95kg)

Manzela Manze Espa?ol 120g/10ct

Spanish Style Peanuts 10ct 4.23oz. (120g) ea. - Net Wt 2lb 10.32oz. (1.2 kg)

Ricolino Duvalin Fresa Vainilla 18ct

Strawberry & Vanilla Artificially Flavored Candy - Net Wt 9.52oz

Totito Chicle Frutas 100ct

Fruits Bubble Gum 100ct - Net Wt 19.4oz. (550grs)
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