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Indy Cerillos 20ct

Spicy & Sour Candy Lollipop Watermelon Flavor 20ct of 0.53oz ea - Net Wt 10.6oz

Indy Dedos 12ct

Spicy & Sour Candy 12ct of 0.7oz ea - Net Wt 8.4oz

Indy Hormigas 12ct

Watermelon Flavor Candies Covered With Bittersweet & Spicy Powder 12ct of 0.46oz ea - Net Wt 5.5oz

Indy Marimbas 12ct

Cherry Flavor Lollipop Candy Covered With Spicy & Sour Candy 12ct of 1.2oz ea - Net Wt 14.4oz

Indy Mini Dedos 50ct

Spicy & Sour Candy 50ct of 0.28oz ea - Net Wt 14.10oz