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Aldama Big Tortilla Wafer 190g (6.7oz)

Wheat Flour Wafer Of 5in Diameter, Assorted Colors - Net Wt 190g (6.7oz)

Candy Pop Paleta Rebanadita Tira Con Chile 10ct

Acidulated Hard Candy Watermelon Flavor Covered With Chili Powder 10ct - Net Wt 5.64oz. (160grs)

Deli Deli Chamoy 1lt

Spicy & Sour Chamoy Sauce For Fountain Machine - Net Wt 33.8oz (1lt)

Juizee Juice Jelly Fruit Shaped 40ct

Jelly Fruits Shaped Filled With Juice 40ct - Net Wt 3.53lb (1.6kg)

Manzela Manze Limon 160g/10ct

Japanese Style Peanuts Lime Flavor 10ct 5.64oz. (160grs) ea. - Net Wt 3lb 8.43oz (1.6kg)