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Barcel Mini Takis Fuego 25ct

Little Rolled Corn Tortillas Covered With Chili and Lime - Net Wt 875g

Bokados Mazapan Azteca 10ct

Traditional Peanut Candy Mazapan Style 10ct - Net Wt 300g

Gamesa Chocolatines 378g

Chocolatines Cookies With Marshmallow Covered With Chocolate And Peanuts - Net Wt 13.33oz. (378grs)

Gamesa Galletas PekePakes 32pz

Gamesa Assorted Mexican Cookies 6 Emperador Chocolate 4pz, 6 Emperador Vainilla 4pz, 6 Chokis 4pz, 6 Arcoiris 4pz And 8 Mini Mamut 2pz

Gamesa Mamut 8ct

Cookie Coated With Chocolate Flavored And Marshmallow Inside 28ct - Net Wt 8.47oz. (240grs)

Gamesa Mini Mamut 28ct

Cookie Coated With Chocolate Flavored And Marshmallow Inside 28ct - Net Wt 11.85oz. (336grs)

Manzela Cacahuate Japones 50g 1ct

Japanese Style Peanuts - Net Wt 1.76oz. (50grs)

Manzela Cacahuate Japones 50g/50ct

Japanese Style Peanuts 50ct 1.76oz. (50grs) ea. - Net Wt 5lbs. 8.18oz (2.5kg)

Manzela Cacahuate Japones Pinatero 20g/50ct

Japanese Style Peanuts 50ct, 0.7oz. (20grs) ea. - Net Wt 35.27oz (2lb 3.27oz)

Manzela Garapi?ado #7 25ct

Sweet Garapinado Style Peanuts 25ct 3.24oz. (92grs) ea. - Net Wt 5.07lb (2.3kg)

Manzela Manze Churrito Enchilado 130g 1ct

Hot Chili Pepper Corn Sticks - Net Wt 4.59oz. (130grs)

Manzela Manze Churrito Enchilado 130g/10ct

Hot Chili Pepper Corn Sticks 10ct 4.59oz. (130grs) ea. - Net Wt 2lb 13.85oz (1.3kg)

Manzela Manze Espa?ol 120g/10ct

Spanish Style Peanuts 10ct 4.23oz. (120g) ea. - Net Wt 2lb 10.32oz. (1.2 kg)

Manzela Manze Garapinado 180g 1ct

Sweet Garapinado Style Peanuts - Net Wt 6.35oz. (180grs)

Manzela Manze Garapinado 180g/10ct

Sweet Garapinado Style Peanuts 10ct 6.35oz. (180grs) ea. - Net Wt 3.97lbs. (1.8kg)

Manzela Manze Haba 150g 1ct

Hot Chili Pepper Haba Beans - Net Wt 5.29oz. (150grs)